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How It All Started

Health Cost Sharing began decades ago!

The modern medical cost sharing movement was developed by a small band of Christians to practically demonstrate how to ‘bear one another’s burdens’. The tradition of health cost sharing has been practiced for decades by Anabaptist Christians (Amish-Mennonite). But in the early 1980’s, an incident occurred that spilled the tradition beyond the Anabaptist world. A pastor in Ohio had a tragic auto accident, and those who knew of his ministry to alcoholics and drugs addicts came to his aid. Within 45 days all his medical bills were paid in full because of the compassion and caring of fellow Christians. That pastor went on to begin the first health cost sharing ministry of its kind in modern times. Liberty HealthShare℠ follows that tradition of making Christian health cost sharing affordable and available to all.

Liberty HealthShare℠ is a health cost sharing ministry of an existing group (Gospel Light Mennonite Church Medical Aid Plan, Inc.) that has been sharing costs since 1995. Through Liberty HealthShare℠, health cost sharing is currently being used by thousands of families nationwide as an organized means of sharing medical expenses.

The leadership team of Liberty HealthShare℠ was there when the movement began in the early 1980’s, and they have nearly thirty years of experience in facilitating cost-sharing. They now lend their expertise to bring the same cost-sharing methods enjoyed by thousands of Christian families to like-minded individuals everywhere. Through Liberty HealthShare℠, the opportunity to share medical expenses is open to anyone who subscribes to our Shared Christian Beliefs.

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